21st of June was a day of proud for every Yoga lover, which was an official announcement of the International Yoga day by United Nation General Assembly (UNGA). Our Honourable Prime Minister, Narender Modi, himself was present on the day with his cabinet ministers, several other civilians and children performing yoga postures at Rajpath, New Delhi. It was also marked as day for the record of 37,000 people performing Yoga poses in the national capital at the same time. Yoga Trainer and Famous Entrepreneur Baba Ramdev was also present their to watch this proud moment.

But achieving an acclamation over worldwide for making a day in remembrance of yoga was started from very early from 21st June, 2015. The idea of having a day for this ancient exercise form was also coined by our honourable P.M. Narender modi when he delivered a speech at UNGA on 27th Sept,2014. He clearly stated in his speech that:

“Yoga is our traditional and oldest gift to world. Yoga is living embodiment of harmony between mind, body, action, thoughts, concentration and achievements. It is the best perspective to health and prosperity. It is not only a set of exercises but a medium to connect you with nature. It cleanse your inner self which eventually helps you to tackle the ever changing environment. Let us propose a World Yoga day to all other nations.”

After this inspiring speech, the United Nations General Assembly start working on draft resolution to propose a day for the Yoga. On Dec 11th, Ashok Mukherji who was the Permanent representative in UN from India, submitted the draft. This resolution was adopted by 177 nations without a vote, which was the highest number of nation co-sponsoring a pact of such nature.

But why the date 21st June was taken for International yoga day?

PM Modi himself told that 21st June is longest day in the year. On this day Summer solstice switch to the winter solstice. With an Indian perspective, first full moon after summer solstice is celebrated as Guru Purnima (Master’s Full moon) which is very auspicious day for the meditative and yogic practises. It also have international significance in many parts of world, Such as 21st June is celebrated as Skateboarding day in California. It is celebrated as father’s day in many countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and UAE. It is viewed as National Aboriginal day in Canada as well as world Humanist or Humanism day. Therefore 21st June was considered best as well as more globally happy day to celebrate Yoga day.

We celebrated our First International Yoga day in the year 2015. Ministry of AYUSH made arrangement on this day for 35 thousand people where our Honourable PM was available and he with many famous celebrities performed 21 yogic postures that day. 21st June 2015 also count itself as gaining two records; one for the largest yoga class containing 35,985 people and second for having largest number of nation’s participation (84 nations).

In the year 2017, PM modi again participated in the Yoga day event with 51 thousand people. Many celebrities from Acting, Business, sports field have gathered there to visit the day.